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RC Airfilters By Twin Air.

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After Tough Times, N-R-P Comes Back Stronger Than Ever.

Largescale off-road racing will never be the same again.

Completely new design Buggy and Short course.

Production is running at full speed. N-R-P expects to have the complete Rival range in our shop in the autumn of 2024.

RV-Racing engine parts

RV-Racing Tuned cylinder kits

RV-Racing High Performance insulators

RV-Racing High Performance Crackcase After a lot of testing, now in production.

Pre order your now. First batch ready begin July.

Designed by Rinus Visser CNC machined by N-R-P

Stable - light weight - special transfer ports for optimal cylinder filling - better cooling - channel for bearing lubrication.

Go Fast or Go Home!

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