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N-R-P ULTRON 4WD Competition buggy 2017

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Model 2017 with new plastic gas brake servo support.


A high-end 1/6th scale competition off-road buggy.
With 15 years of largescale racing experience, one and a half year of developing and testing, N-R-P is taking large scale 4wd racing to the next level with the Ultron buggy.
A complete radical and new design compared with the existing brands. Using only the best materials currently available.

The car is a few steps ahead of the competition, With our pivot-ball front upright we can reach an unseen suspension travel of 130mm, Ultra big bore and long shocks for stability on all surfaces, Easy access to the differentials (6 bolts max to remove the differential) to simple setting up the car.
Changing anti-squad and toe-in with 1 single set of bushings, no need to buy extra parts, With our design you can set 1°, 2°, 3° anti-squad, and combine this with 1°, 2°, 3° toe-in just by turning the bushings in another angles.
50-50 weight balance ratio to achieve the best handling abilities.

A body-shell designed especially for this model, cold air is sucked in on the front and the hot air is blown out by the engine at the rear. No matter the temperature outside, your engine and electronics will stay cool.

While the car has been designed for racing purposes, the car is also home at the hobby market.
The car is designed in a way that wrenching is brought to the minimum.
All parts are verry easy to acces, and the car is re-build easy compared with other high-end racing models.
High durability and low maintenance is also an asset of the Ultron, high quality bearings, gears, driveshafts is a strength of the car.

You like the car, but you don't like the buggy and prefer a more realistic looking car?
No problem, The Ultron is also available as a Short Course Truck.

There are several options for the stering servo's

  • 2 Small steering servo 40x20x37 mm.
  • 1 big servo 59x29x52mm.
  • 2 big servo's 59x29x52mm.

The throttle brake servo's are 2 small servo's 40x20x37mm.

Components not included:

  • Engine
  • Clutch
  • tyres
  • Electronics